About me

Welcome to my page!

I'm Eva Kushova. I live in Tirana. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother of a beautiful daughter. I have more than 22 years experience as journalist and communication expert. I love writing. My latest expertise in sustainable tourism (certificate from Global Sustainable Tourism Council) and managing tourism heritage sites.

I am graduated in Languages and Law.  I started my first job as journalist in October 1997.

Journalist in newspaper

My first work was at Shekulli Newspaper in Tirana, where I started to write about world news.
I worked for more than 8 years writing for this newspaper, traveling to the Balkan region, writing articles about the wars in Kosovo, Presevo, and other conflicts and situations in the region.  I work also as editor of International news, heading a team of 6 reporters in the region.

Moved in TV

Starting in television was a great change for me. I was specialized in BBC World service in London for broadcasting journalism, and started working in News 24 television and then at Ora News television. It was a great experience. I love television. I presented International Desk for more than 4 years 2007-2011.

Press Adviser in Government

An invitation from the Minister of Foreign Affairs gave me the possibility to take another direction of my career. I worked in the Cabinet of Minister as Media Adviser for two other ministers in the same Ministry. I also have worked as Director of Public Diplomacy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A year later I worked at Ministry of Agriculture as Press Adviser to the Minister. That was from 2011-2014. I also worked as Press Adviser of Minister of Economic Development, Tourism and Enterprise from 2016-2017. I close this chapter to open a new one

My business

With my partner and sister, Alma, we created together the PR and Digital Company "Manderina Promotions, working with businesses B2B, to offer services from A to Z regarding marketing and branding.
Than we started to create our innovative products, tourism platforms such as www.visit-tirana.com, our events such as www.tiranaphotofestival.com, and then our non profit organisation DMO ALBANIA (destination management organisation). With this organization we are working for many projects on managing destinations, focusing on tourism and environment.
Our idea of branding Gjirokastra as tourism destination won the support from Risi Albania, who financed this 3 year project. We created tourism portal www.visit-gjirokastra.com, and I personally am consultant on content creation, writing articles, stories, legends about the whole region of Gjirokastra including 7 municipalities.
Now my focus is expertise in sustainable tourism. I'm trained in sustainable tourism, (in Switzerland) and I got a certificate from GSTC, after successfully passed the exam.